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Like a Home, Your Financial Plan Should Fit Your Needs.

Developing Custom Built, Goal-Based Financial Solutions Just For You

At the End Of The Day, Who Lives In Your Financial "Home"?

It’s not the architect who designed it, the contractor who built it or the realtor who sold it. No, when all is said and done, you and your family are the ones left enjoying the benefits of a well-built financial "home." So when it comes to building for your financial future and a secure retirement, whose needs and concerns are most important?

The architect … or you?

At Blueprint, We Believe the Answer Is Clear

That’s why we like to approach financial planning a little differently. Because as you near retirement, you need to know your strategies and solutions are built solely with your goals and needs in mind - not ours.

Wealth Management Is What We Do

But Here’s a Bit About Who We Are:

+ Creative

When you’re with an old-school advisor, financial planning can feel black and white. But at Blueprint, we like to think outside of the box by bringing a wide range of ideas and solutions to the table.

+ Independent

Our founder, Victor, became an independent RIA almost 20 years ago because he wanted to work for one person, and one person only - you. Our firm isn’t held up (or held back) by a broker-dealer. Instead as fiduciaries, we only offer services and solutions we think will best benefit you, your family and your retirement.

+ Humble

Who wouldn’t want to be all-knowing? Sure, it’d be great - but be wary of any advisor who claims they have all the answers. Instead, we know what we know and know what we don’t. That’s why we talk with you, not at you, to have conversations that are informative, useful and productive.

+ Honest

To put it simply - we wouldn’t build you a financial blueprint we wouldn’t feel comfortable executing ourselves. If you ask a question, we’ll be straightforward, honest and as simple as can be with our answer.

+ Personal

Our founder, Victor, is the architect and builder your financial plan. There’s no impersonal middle man to speak to or phone tree to navigate. When you call our offices, you’re talking with someone who knows you, your goals and your financial picture inside and out.

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